It’s been eight great years already that “Room for Change” has been in business providing cost-effective, easily achievable ideas to beautify the interiors and exteriors of the places you call home. The greatest part of the journey by far, has not been in creating beauty in the structures themselves, but discovering beauty in the varied, unique personalities of the people within them. It has been my privilige and challenge to create rooms that are an expression of those personalities. And in doing so, know, that I have taken a part of you, professionally and personally home with me.
I am still devoted to the idea that the transformation of an outdated room or exterior façade can easily be remedied with inexpensive, creative and imaginative design. In naming my business eight years ago, I never would’ve imagined how much personal “change” would take place over the next few years. Something that has remained unchanged is my love for people, and my love for beautiful and inspiring surroundings. Thank you for allowing me to journey with you to help you discover all the beautiful changes that await you as well.